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    Got local LAN viewing working again, not external (out of home)


      About 3 months ago my Slingbox viewing just stopped working, claiming a connectivity issue. I never touched my home LAN/wireless setup, so not sure what changed but it wasn't working.


      I finally got around to doing more troubleshooting.  I'm set up as follows:

      - Verizon FiOS  is my service provider and they provide a router

      - I have my Slingbox plugged into my Verizon router

      - I have Vonage also, and they also provide a router that is needed for their service, so I have that also connected to the Verizon router

      - I have my Linksys wireless router and booster connected to the Vonage router


      This was my set up for the past 18 months prior my issues occurring and I had no problems with it at all.


      In my troubleshooting this week, I reconfigured a bit to get local home watching working again.  Long story short, by direct ethernet cable connecting at specifc points in the set up, I determined that my Vonage box was the point where Slingbox access was working going into it but not working coming out.  I then tried to set up port forwarding, but the Vonage IP range was 192.168.15.x and the IP of Slingbox, which again is plugged into the Verizon router, was  So I couldn't set up port forwarding on my Vonage configuration.  I then decided to enable the wireless broadcasting on my Verizon router (previously not needed) and set up port forwarding there, using the Private IP address of the Slingbox (above).  This worked and allowed me again to be able to use my SlingPlayer for Windows to connect to Slingbox.


      I am now away from my home though and SlingPlayer is again complaining of connectivity issues.

      • Error: 0x92340109
      • Context: 20
      • Operation:110


      Now that I think about it, do I need to set up port forwarding on my Verizon router using the Slingbox Public IP address too?  I guess that would make sense, but it didn't dawn on me at the time (was too excited I got it working again at all so my kids can watch at home).


      Secondarily, I'm wondering how this set up ever worked in the first place.  If I could get that set up working again, it would be my preferred set up, but if I can get it working fully in the new set up, that is my first goal.