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    HK Cable TV Box Z98DVB


      Dear all slingbox user. I saw there is a HK version Pro-HD available in HK now. Does anyone of you have a chance to get one and try it. I am planning to get one. But according to the official slingbox support website, it just show that the slingbox only support old Cable TV Box model Z368DVB. But the Cable TV Box I have now is Z98DVB. Can I use the old Z368DVB remote binary on newest Z98DVB? As I see the Z368DVB and Z98DVB also have the exactly same remote control (both model number SDCV0006 and same layout looks). Wondering does anyone of you ever have a chance to try to use a Z98DVB remote on Z368DVB box? Just want to make sure it work before spending money on it. Thanks for help.