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    Wrong Channel Lineup Coming in Program Guide


      For my location, the Slingbox Program Guide has an entirely different program guide than the actual received channel lineup.

      This is for Memphis Comcast. I am using Slingbox Pro HD and Slingplayer 2.0.191

      I reported the problem on the Slingbox channel lineup error support page.

      The problem isn't entirely Slingbox fault, as the Memphis comcast offers two totally different lineups named:

      - Comcast Memphis Digital

      - Comcast Memphis (Digital) Digital

      Anyway, these are actually two totally different channel lineups (with almost identical names), and Slingbox only offeres one of them (the one that's not mine)

      I tried nearby zipcodes, but never found the correct lineup.

      So, is there anyway I can drag and drop the channels into the right place on the program guide?

      For example, TNT actually comes in fine on 55,. But the program guide has TNT on 26 (and Weather Channel on 55). So I wish I could somehow tell the program guide that channel 55 is actually TNT, not the weather channel. Any way to manually move channels around on the progrma guide like that?


      As a related question. Can I change the program guide channel linup to other lineups (other locations) without actually re-tuning the slingbox... The only place I found to see the other lineups is from the slingbox setup assistant, and when I click for another location / service then I have to go through a whole new 30 minute re-turning process for the slingbox. The chanels are coming in fine, I don't want to keep retuning... I just want to look at some other locations channel lineups to see if maybe I can find one that sort of matches my true received lineup. Maybe there is a way in the program guide to enter another location, rather than going to the slingbox setup assistant?


      Thanks for any Program Guide Tips!