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    SlingLink SL150 not connecting

      Looking  for some help ... I have had a Slingbox Pro up and running for  almost two years.  It's connected to my Airport Express wireless router  via two SlingLink 150's -- and it worked fine for almost two years,  until recently and now the two SlingLink's will not "link" ... Makes the  iPhone and Andriod Apps I purchased (along with the harware) useless  ... Nothing was changed, etc.  I was experiencing a slow connection one  day and unplugged everything to reset it and now it hasn't connected  back since ... anyone have any ideas on how to fix this issue?


      I've tried all of the suggested troubleshooting, including plugging them into the same outlet, but have not had any success in getting them to connect again.  The "link" light on them alternately ocassionally blinks, but it will not connect to each other no matter what I do.


      I read someplace as well that potentially some CF bulbs (which I've started to replace standard lightbulbs in the house with) could potentially cause interference on the electrical line, but I've turned off all of those lights and still no success.


      Please help...