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    Works on 1 computer but NO where else




      I have working well for a number of years with SOLO - 3 days ago watching TV stopped EVERYWHERE except

      1 computer in my house.


      Setup on that computer works with NO issues. However I get a "slingPlayer cannot connect to your Slingbox. Please make sure your phone and SlingBox are connected to the internet and try again" on my itouch sling player mobile.  Obviously the itouch is connected as other apps work etc etc...


      At this point having it work on my network would be enough but to no avail....


      I'd even be okay if other computers in the house worked - I have disable all firewalls on all computers but it seems like it will just not work.


      Of note:  both the computer that works and the Slingbox itself are on powerline network (separte ones) - so I am going to attempt to plug directly to

      the router BUT like I said - it has been working FINE for 2 years with the powerline technology.