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    Windows Phone 7 Very Low Sound Issue


      This is both a Question & a Statement.


      Does ANYONE who has recently upgraded to Windows Phone 7 have ANY LOW SOUND ISSUES with their NEW Phone compared to their last phone that you had Sling Player Mobile 2.0 installed on?


      I had upgraded my SlingBox Pro to the NEW SlingBox Pro HD, because I had read that the phone I was going to be upgrading to is ONLY COMPATIBLE with that specific SlingBox & also the SlingBox Solo.


      I was using my HTC Touch Pro2 with Sling Player 2.0 on the SlingBox Pro & then on the SlingBox Pro HD. The sound that came out of the rear speaker was very loud & clear. In a noisy area, I could walk away from the phone over 30 feet away from the phone & be able to understand every word that was spoken from the programs that had played from my DVR at home.


      I had then upgraded my phone to the HTC Arrive. I have quite a few programs that play sound through the rear speaker. Every last program is just as loud as on the HTC Touch Pro2. With one exception. SlingBox Player for Windows Phone 7.


      I called Microsoft, Sprint, HTC, & Sling. All 3, Microsoft, HTC, & Sprint listened to what I had explained to them about the VERY LOW SOUND ISSUE. I was told that because it's just one program that is giving me an issue with the sound, that I would have to talk with Sling about it to get it resolved.


      I called Sling and explained that I had done some testing of my own to see if I could replicate the problem. I was able to replicate the problem on two other Window Phone 7 Phones. The T-Mobile HTC HD7 and the AT&T Samsung Focus. I paid them to download the software from the Marketplace. They had the EXACT SAME PROBLEM as I did. The ONLY program that all 3 phones had VERY LOW SOUND coming from their rear speakers was Sling Player Mobile for Windows Phone 7.


      So far not one person has complained about this issue but myself to Sling. If I can hear the Sling Player Mobile 2.0 on any Windows Mobile 6.0 or 6.5 and have the sound very loud and clear enough to be heard in a noisy setting over 30 feet away, and not be able to hear the sound loud and clear from ANY Windows Phone 7 device in the same setting when you walk away from the phone for just 10 feet away, there is a problem with the software. You can hear that there is sound coming from the phones, but it's not loud and clear enough to be heard more than 10 feet away.


      Does ANYONE have an Issue like this or similar to this? If so, please contact Sling and you also complain as I had done. So far, they said that they can not replicate the problem.


      I told them to compair a few phones to see what I'm talking about. If they do that, then they WILL get the same results as I had gotten on all 3 devices.