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    Slingcatcher function


      I don't quite understand the Slingcatcher vs. the Slingbox.   Can you outline

      how it is used and what connects to it.


      If I want to capture the PC screen, do I need both Slingcatcher and Slingbox?

      I already have Slingbox, so what extra features will Slingcatcher give me?




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          callanish Apprentice

          Basically the slingcatcher works as a receiver rather than what the slingbox does which is a sender. The slingcatcher receives slingbox content streamed to another TV in the house or to another TV around the world. Some have said, well I can connect my P.C to my TV using an HDMI cable for the same result, but the benefits of the slingcatcher has always been about convenience. Streaming my slingbox to a slingcatcher on a sony big screen TV 5000 miles away with a hardware remote has always been one of the standout features for me about the slingcatcher. Yes, you can connect a PC to your TV using an HDMI cable and try various complicated ways for to get a remote control to work with it, but it isn't as elegant of a solution as the all in one slingcatcher's approach to things where you just turn it on and use its remote control like you were right next to your slingbox, even though it could be halfway round the world. If you use your slingbox primarily with your P.C or MAC, then you won't have a lot of use for the slingcatcher, but if you like an uncluttered entertainment center and enjoy the convenience of your slingbox content on the big screen tv using a hardware remote control, then the slingcatcher is an invaluable tool. Just a lot harder to find in North America now without paying over the top money for it on places like ebay.