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    My favorites are gone & the guide is missing


      I opened the SlingPlayer app for iPhone this morning, which is set up to show the guide before connecting, but no guide appeared.  In the settings there used to be 3 options for "Launch Preference:"


      Automatically Connect to Guide

      Automatically Connect and Watch TV

      Don't Automatically Connect


      Now "Automatically Connect to Guide" is gone.  Then I opened SlingPlayer on my iPad, the guide appeared, connected, disconnected and now the guide is gone along with the "Automatically Connect to Guide" option.  Anyone else having this issue?


      Also, all my favorites are gone.  They are also not appearing on watch.slingbox.com.  Is there an issue with the ZAP2it guide where Sling gets its data?

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          Hi, mikeyw278


          It seems that you are having some issues with the SlingPlayer Mobile application for the iPhone, since it does not show the information about the Channel Guide and Favorite Channels list.


          In this case, we recommend you to uninstall and reinstall the SlingPlayer Mobile application for the iPhone. If you do not know how to, just check this link.


          Uninstall and reinstall of SPM iPad, iPhone or iPod touch
          We also recommend you to check the following link. You will find some information that will help you if you have further questions about this specific Mobile application.


          iPhone general information



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              I'm having the same issue on my iPad. Everytime I start the app, it has an error dialog:"Unable to download favorites". I followed the directions from the link above about deleteing the app from the iPad and resyncing it from iTunes. That didn't fix it. To give more info, I'm do have guide data when I watch from the computer. Also, this use to work for me and then my power supply went out. With the new slingbox unit, the guide data has never worked from the iPad. One other thing I've noticed with my account is I don't have a slingboxId.






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              I have the same problem with the iphone, adding favorites is not possible, no channel list or hearts on the edit favorites screen. don't slingbox monitor these post and add and fix these issues? after buying an app I expect it to work. poor effort slingbox! thanks
              anybody got a fix for this. I have already uninstalled and synced the app twice