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    Set up problem - not getting an Internet connection


      I need some help please. I have my first Slingbox Solo and have tried setting it up but I have hit a problem that I cannot seem to get around.


      Whatever I do I cannot get a solid light on the internet connection.


      Here are some details -


      My Slingbox Solo is connected to my Wireless router via an ethernet cable, there are no sling links.

      I have a Netgear Wireless router.

      My ISP and Router are functioning corrrectly, I have multiple devices I have tested both wirelessly and wired and they all work perfectly fine.

      I have been round the online solution of re-setting my Slingbox and router many times so please don't ask me to do this again.

      I have taken my Slingbox to a neighbours house and when connected to their router I get a solid light so the box is not faulty.

      I have wired the Slingbox to my PC to download the latest Firmware, this worked fine and is not up to date but still no connection to the internet.

      I have deactivated the security on the router (removed WPA-PSK) and still no joy.

      My ISP is Eclispe internet and I have a dynamically assigned IP address. these are the settings from my ISP -


      IP Address(s):Dynamically Assigned
      ADSL SettingsVPI=0 VCI=38
      RFC2364 PPPoATM VC - Null Encapsulation
      DNS Settings: Dynamically assigned
      If you do need to manually assign DNS settings use 212.xxx.xxx.x and 212.xxx.xxx.xx. Please refer to the online Admin panel regularly as they may change from time to time.


      So my question is - Does anyone know of any reason why it will not connect? is there a firewall issue I do not know of? Is it because I don't have a static IP address? Has anyone else had this issue?


      Any suggestions gratefully recieved.


      Many Thanks in advance.

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          Hi, WadeMoseley


          It seems that you are having some issues with your Slingbox since it does not show a solid network light. There are some external factors that might be preventing you from getting a solid network connection.


          Most of the times, this issue is related to the security software running on your computer. The following link will provide you with some information that might help you.


          Internet security and personal firewalls


          On the other hand, you can also take a look to this link and follow the recommendations in order to check your home network connections.


          The Network light on my Slingbox is blinking


          Make sure to check these links and let us know how it works.



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            I don't know how much help I can be to you because I can't get a slingbox to work but a while back, working with a different slingbox I had a problem similar to yours.  I BELIEVE (?) it is a problem in slingbox software that somewhere internally they are making an assumption that the IP Address is something like  Although sometimes the software thinks it is  But in reality it should not be assuming anything.  When you push the reset button the slingbox should "ask" the router for an IP Address and then take and use whatever it gets.


            Well, my problems started when I got a new router. A Netgear router, and somehow it (the router) decided that its IP Address should be in the range of 192.168.1.xxx.  So, when the slingbox was reset and given an IP Address like it couldn't establish a connection because it was ignoring the "1" between the 168 and the 237 and using "0" instead.  Since the router was allowing only a "1" in that field the two couldn't "talk".


            I fixed the problem by going to my router setup page and forcing it to use 192.160.0.xxx.  I think it was on a page called LAN setup but I could be wrong.  Anyway, after I changed the router to use 192.168.0.xxx all my problems wth that other slingbox went away.


            This might explain why it worked at your neighbor's.  Their router could already be on 192.168.0.xxx.


            Hope this helps.




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                Thank you for your answers. Appreciated.


                Petejc, I think that you may be onto something there.


                After my intital post I borrowed another Wireless router, A Belkin 54g, I wired it in and got the Slingbox working within minutes! All the other equipment was the same, The ISP, all the cableing, my PC's etc. I connected and watched on PC's running Vista & XP and remotely too. So not PC software related as you stated.


                Your Netgear router wasn't a Netgear DGN1000 N150 was it by any chance?


                Anyway, now that I have nailed the problem down to the router I am going to try and swap it back in very soon, I will attempt to force the IP address on the router Admin panel like you suggest. I'll let you know how I get on. I have stumbled round the admin panels before, trying to set up port forwarding and removing any restrictive controls, but I hadn't done anything with the IP addresses. So it's avery good shout. Thanks


                I will have to swap it back as the borrowed Belkin's wireless drops out frequently, I think it isn't powerful enough to power my house internet browsing and the slingbox at the same time, but this is a different issue and will probably get to this later.


                If I can't get the Netgear router working I'll have to splash out on a new router now that I've tied it down to this but will steer clear of a Netgear!

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                    Mine is a WPN824v3 Netgear.


                    On my setup page there is a tab down on the left side labeled "LAN Setup".  I click that to get to where I changed the IP Address.  I notice the Help says Netgear defaults to not  If the slingbox programming is buggy and somehow is hardwired to 192.168.1.xxx that could eb a problem.



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                        Thanks Pete,


                        This is the blurb from the Netgear DGN1000 Manual -



                        Configuring LAN Setup


                        The LAN IP Setup screen allows configuration of LAN IP services such as DHCP and RIP. The wireless modem router is shipped preconfigured to use private IP addresses on the LAN side, and to act as a DHCP server. The wireless modem router’s default LAN IP configuration is as follows:

                        •LAN IP address.

                        •Subnet mask.

                        These addresses are part of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)-designated private address range for use in private networks, and should be suitable in most applications. If your network has a requirement to use a different IP addressing scheme, you can make those changes by opening the LAN IP Setup menu.




                        So I'm guessing

                        my router is on 192.168.0.xxx


                        My Slingbox on 192.168.1.xxx


                        So I'll try and change the router.




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                            Micke0 Newbie

                            Wade wrote:

                            So I'm guessing

                            my router is on 192.168.0.xxx


                            My Slingbox on 192.168.1.xxx


                            So I'll try and change the router.


                            Hallo...have a look here first:


                            It`s not the same router, but you may find a hint?


                            And maybe you can find more help for your router here:



                            Good luck

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                                I have put my Netgear router back in the loop. Plugged it all in. I get 2 solid lights on the slingbox but I cannot connect to it via my PC.


                                I follow Micke0's advise site (great tip thanks) on port forwarding and change to router settings from the admin panel. Alas i still cannot get it connected.


                                Looking at my slingbox details on http://support.slingbox.com/ and they are -


                                Slingbox Info

                                Slingbox Name: Pxxxxx

                                Slingbox ID: 4E00xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

                                Slingbox Software Version: 2.1.110


                                Internet Viewing

                                Set Up Complete: Yes

                                Slingbox Public IP Address: 91.84.xxx.xxx

                                Slingbox Private IP Address:

                                Slingbox Port: 5001






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                                    oops, lost half of my post above.


                                    Continued -


                                    On the Admin panel for the router I have set up the LAN set-up as IP

                                    I have 'use router as DHCP server' ticked with a start and end IP of -

                                    I have set up a service TCP/UDP on port 5001 forwarding to 5001

                                    I have added firewall rules for both outbound and inbound traffic. range - for outbound and just for inbound.


                                    I still can't get connected


                                    So, any advise from you guys from the details above, can you see anything where I may be going wrong?


                                    Thanks in advance



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                                        Well, I just have that feeling that my slingbox will only work if the third field is zero.  That is:


                                        192.168.0.xxx will work but 192.168.1.xxx or anything other than "0" will fail.


                                        When you hit reset it is supposed to get whatever the router gives it and use that.  It looks like it thinks it is using "2" based on the Private Address it is showing in your first post.  But I still think there is a bug in the slingbox software (at least this old beast I have) that causes it to use "0" somewhere in its thrashing.


                                        Can you force the router to 192.168.1.xxx and see if the slingbox picks that up and then works?

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                                          Micke0 Newbie
                                          I am not an expert, but my setup may help you to make it work?


                                          1) My router ("Dovado UMR") settings:


                                          2011-06-14 08h51_36.png


                                          2011-06-14 08h39_58.png


                                          2) My Slingbox ("Solo") settings:

                                          2011-06-14 08h26_28.png

                                          3) If my setup won`t work for you:

                                             Disable Port Forwarding (remove) and activate UPnP...if you can!

                                          2011-06-14 08h29_18.png

                                          4) Then open your Slingplayer and let a new setup find your router / slingbox.

                                               Maybe a hardreset first is necessary?

                                               --> https://community.sling.com/message/5310#5310

                                              Something  must work!

                                                                             Otherwise ...smiley_emoticons_internet-exploder.gif


                                          IMPORTANT ---> Do NOT forget to save and restart your router if changes was made! <---


                                          5) Have a nice time with your equipment...smilie_happy_251.gif

                                               ... and sorry for my poor englis, Micke.



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                              Pete & Mike0


                              Thanks for your time and effort in posting up all the details you have. I have done most/all things that you have suggested and it is true that the IP of the slingbox does have to be in the same range as the IP of the router and you do have to open up port 5001.


                              I can only conclude that the Netgear router (DGN1000) I was having all the problems with is either faulty or there is a bug in it. There is no other solution. I opened up Port 5001 according to the instructions on here and on Netgear forums but however I tried it was not open according to online port checking tools (canyouseeme.org). I decided that it had to go.


                              I have since bought a Belkin F5D8636UK4A N 300 for £50 and set it up in about 20 minutes from scratch. I did have to reset the slingbox and go through the set up assistant again (I'm kinda an expert at this now ) but once ports opened and IP's matched it all went smoothly.


                              So, If anyone is reading this because they have a Netgear DGN1000 in the UK then good luck! your gonna need it