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    Watch a US installation in Canada


      Hello everyone.


      I live in the US and have a DTV subscription, but I work in Canada and spend quite a bit of time there.  So much so that I have a place I stay at often enough to warrant keeping a spare dish/tripod and receiver there.  I recentely picked up a Slingbox PRO-HD so that I can stream locally around the place.  I have a slingbox at home already which is why I picked up one for when I'm in Canada.  Normally I would just stream from the one at home in the US, but people are there watching various things at the same time I would want it.  That is why I have one here.


      When I tried setting it up it would only allow me to select Canadian provider listings.  I'm guessing this is based on IP.  Is there any way around this?


      Thanks for the help.

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          Hi mtooze.


          I noticed that you are trying to install the Slingbox in Canada and you are having difficulties selecting the correct TV provider. If you select Canada as the country were the Slingbox is installed. it will not show any of the providers from United States.


          In this case what you need to do is select United States on the Setup and it will allow you to select the correct provider, since your Dish tripod receives the signal from USA. Please, access the Slingbox Setup and configure it that way.


          I hope that helps!