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    VMR technology on Windows 7?


      I would have put this in the Desktop Slingplaer 2.0 for Windows section, but everything in that category gives a “This item does not exist” error, so I will put the question here under Pro-HD questions..


      I watch my Slingbox-HD from remote locations using PC.

      I just upgraded my PC from an old machine running Windows XP to a nice new PC running Windows 7.

      My picture quality on the new PC is much worse that the picture quality on the old PC for the same data rates (same internet, same location, same data rates).

      I think that difference may be because on the Windows XP Machine, I selected “use Video Mixing Renderer (VMR) technology in the “Sling Player Option” Menu

      But now when I try to select VMR technology on my new Computer, there is the error “The following (VMR) settings don’t apply to Windows Vista”


      Actaully I am running Windows 7, so I guess VMR technology cant be used on Vista and Windows 7?

      Would this be causing my video on the Window 7 machine to look worse than on the XP machine?

      Is VMR coming for Windows 7, or is it just something not necessary?


      Any advice for getting the video quality back up to the quality given with VMR on XP is appreciated!


      I am running Window 7

      Sling Player

      AMD II X2 220 Processor 2.80 GHz

      4 GB RAM

      ATI Radeon 3000

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          No, It was just that channel


          OK. I'm an idiot, it was just because of the channel I was watching. Every channel over about 40 is really bad video.

          I never watch anything except the basketball playoffs, so I basically just forgot there were even any other channels.

          Channels bellow 40 are coming in clear and fine.



          Before thinking to try to change channels I did these things-

          I checked my system and I am running Windows 7 Aero, not Classic.

          I try useing the slingplayer online (instead of the desktop version),

          My data speed is about 1900 kBps.


          Anyway, I'ww check with my home and see if channels over 40 are clear or fuzzy at home.

          Maybe I need to return my HD-Pro box, but I hate doing anything like that from the road.




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            bastian74 Newbie

            FYI, VMR has been replaced by EMR on Vista/7