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    Help me please to set up a "Denver" remote.

    Micke0 Newbie


      I am a proud owner of an european "Solo" and everything worked fine with my "Triax DVB-T" cabelbox.

      Now I had to change this box with a "Denver DVBT-12", but there is no remote for it available!?


      I tried the "Remote Learnig Program" and all codes in the "Player Setup" without any luck.

      What more can I do? Search for a compatible box? Are there more codes somewhere to find?


      I`m on a Win XP with latest Firefox including the latest Sling Plugin. I have the video, but now

      I have no remote to work with when I`m out of house. Any hint to fix thi problem or do I have

      buy me another box?


      Greetings from Sweden, Micke.