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    Slingplayer app for FireTV/Stick with COX Contour 2 box

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      With my previous cable box all I had to do is enter the channel number and it would go straight to the channel.

      The upgraded Contour 2 box not only requires you to enter the channel number but you need to follow through and press

      the OK button on the remote.


      What I have found with the slingplayer app for my android cell phone this requires an additional step.  I have to punch

      in the channel number, press "WATCH" then change from the KEYPAD screen to the D-PAD screen and press OK.


      With the app for the FireTV/stick on a friends cable box similar to my previous box, he enters the number and presses ENTER.

      Would anyone have any experience with the Samsung SX022ANM which is the same as a Pace XG2 also known as a Pace PX022ANM

      that requires entering the channel numbers and then pressing OK will work with the M2 box.

      My fear is after entering the channel numbers and pressing ENTER, my cable box will still need a following OK and if

      so I didn't see that in the sling app for FireTV/stick.


      I'm ready to buy a M2 along with a HDMI to componet adapter but I need to know I will be able to change channels

      with the M2.  I hope I described the sequence well enough for this new Contour 2 box to enter a channel.