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    zip code Chile


      good days.
      I have a Slingbox set alone and need to access from Chile. The problem I have submitted by entering the zip code in my country. What should I enter zip code for me to recognize my cable operator?

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          Hello alextazor.


          I noticed that you are having issues setting the program guide of your Slingbox in Chile. I would like to let you know that since you are installing the Slingbox on a non supported country (Chile) the program guide will not be available, since it was designed to be used in Canada and United States.


          In order for you to complete the Setup, you can use the SlingPlayer Desktop. However if you want to use the Web-Based SlingPlayer, you can enter a zip code from United States or Canada, just keep in mind that the program guide will have the information of the region you choose.


          I hope that helps!