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    How to import .bin remote file to Slingbox




      I have found the remote control .bin files for the device I want to control.  I found it at



      The problem I have is with the instructions that are in the .txt file that comes together with the .bin files.

      In particular, the instructions tell to put the .bin file in the following directories:


      for    PC: C:/Program Files/Sling Media/Slingplayer/SBAV

      For Mac: /Applications/SlingPlayer/Contents/Slingbox Setup Assistant/Contents/Resources/SBAV


      I tried with both a PC and a MAC, and there are no such directories.


      Perhaps in the past a program was installed that created such directories.  But now when you install the Slingbox, what gets installed is a plugin that works with your browser.  As a result I cannot see any of the above directories.


      So my question is how do I install the .bin files.


      Hope someone can help me.


      Thanks very much