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    webslingplayer not available?


      This is the message (below) that came up after an upgrade to 2.1.110


      It worked after the last upgrade 4/10/2011


      Is slingbox still in business?


      UPDATE - I downloaded buy accident the software update for the sling player (which did not work since I removed a faster video card) I used the web browser to view slingbox last year. (I only use it a few times durning the summer) Updating the Slingplayer and then adding the Firefox plugin BOTH the Slingplayer (without the faster video card) and the Web browser version seem to work.  I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.


      type Status report

      message /watch/downloads/pc/webslingplayer.xpi

      description The requested resource (/watch/downloads/pc/webslingplayer.xpi) is not available.