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    Download amounts



      Could someone tell me how much download1 hour of streeming through my sling box uses. I am limited to 350GBts per month.

      Thank you.


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          bastian74 Newbie

          You can specify a bitrate if you use the slingplayer desktop application.

          By default it will use 100% of your upload capability.

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              Thanks for taking the time to reply. Unfortunatley I am still not sure if I have the download capability to watch my Sky TV via the Sling Catcher.

              If I was to watch say 4 hours of TV per day would I use all my 350GBT download limit? Unfortunately where I live in Spain there is no unlimited download service.



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                  bastian74 Newbie

                  Lets say you set the quality to 400kbps. 

                  That is 50 kilobytes per second. (400/8)  (Divide by 8 to switch from bits to bytes)

                  That is roughly 180 megabytes per hour. (50*60*60 / 1000)  (divide by 1000 to switch from KB to MB)

                  4 hours a day, 30 days gets to 21.6 GB  (180*4*30 / 1000) (Divide by 1000 to switch from MB to GB)


                  Now its easy to double all the values, at 800kbps it would be 43GB, 1.6mb is 86GB, 3.2mb=170GB, 6.4mb=340GB


                  With the slingbox set to "auto" it will go as fast as it can.  So chose a manual quality setting for predictable values.

                  FYI, minimum "HD" viewing starts at 5mb upload requirements. It's not going to be worth getting an HD if they can't upload that fast - and it will use all your bw.