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    Slingbox suddenly stopped working when using abroad




      Have been using a slingbox solo on a mac for a few months sucessfully, but suddenly about 2 weeks ago, a connection error appeared.

      Screen shot 2011-05-23 at 17.08.24.png

      I am abroad so cannot personally check if it works on the home network (where the slingbox is located). NOTHING has been changed at either end - settings, connections, routers etc, so am mystified why this has suddenly stopped working. I have NO security software interfering with it, and the firewall is (and always has been) turned off. I asked my parents back home to check the slingbox lights, both the power light and the network light stay lit (not flashing or anything else strange happening), and the box is warm. The only suspicious thing is that the middle sling logo light is NOT on. But am not sure if this means just that I am not connected.


      i have tried everything, but cannot access the slingbox at all anymore.

      Trying to watch from slingbox.com, or trying to run a setup assistant does not work either as it just cannot access my slingbox anymore.

      Screen shot 2011-05-23 at 16.19.39.png



      Online in the slingbox support area, the status has some warning checks: see image below

      Screen shot 2011-05-23 at 17.15.24.png

      i have run out of ideas how to fix this problem, as the lights on the box are on, but the slingplayer cannot access the box.

      I finally asked my parents to do a hard reset on the slingbox (a few times), to see if this would have any effect - but it made no difference. I keep getting the same connection error message.


      really would appreciate help on this matter as am at my wits end with it. It was working perfectly, and now, for no concievable reason, has suddenly ceased working.

      Am worried that i will have to buy a flight home just to recify the problem, and am also worried that even at that, I may keep getting these very annoying connection messages when accessing it directly.


      i have also recently tried the slingbox using an internet cafe with the same error message, so that rules out the router / internet connection I usually use.


      please help!



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          Hi all


          for anyone interested, I managed to fix this connection problem through a gruelling 2 hour skype call with my technically misguided parents! I ended up getting them to download the slingplayer software onto their machine, and run though the full slingbox setup from scratch on the home network.


          once the whole setup was done on the home network, i was suddenly able to re-connect whilst abroad, on my machine.




          hope this helps!