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    Sling Box in Mexico ?


      Will my Sling Box -AV work in Mexico City, Mexico ?  It is not a country that is listed but I'm wondering why it won't work.

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          Hi carlos2dds.

          As I understand you are wondering if a Slingbox AV will work in Mexico. I would like to let you know that the Slingbox was designed to work in United States, however, since Mexico uses the same TV format as USA (NTSC), you should not have any issues with the installation. Once the Slingbox is installed and configured you will be able to connect from a remote location as well.

          Keep in mind that since this is not a supported country, the support might be limited.


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            it works perfect with iphone in mexico but not with andorid! i have tried with the droid, droid x and ythe xoom tablet.