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    Converting HDMI to Component Video

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      Hi, I am in the UK using a slingbox M1.  I have taken my the HDMI signal from my Sky HD box and put it into an HDMI to component video converter.  When I try to view I get a no video signal message.  Anyone else tried something like this?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Anyone else tried something like this?

          Probably 90% of people with an M1/M2     I guess you didn't search the forum before posting ?  I think the problem is that the converter you bought does not strip out the HDCP signal.   You need to buy one with that extra 'feature'.   Unfortunately it isn't something that manufactures mention in the blurb.   Obviously the converter that Sling recommend (Buy > Accessories at top of page) does it, and we know the HD Fury does it (v. expensive) and there are a couple of others off Amazon that also work.  Can't remember the details but if you search the forum there are dozens of posts about this problem.