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    iPad/iPhone Sling client won't work locally via WiFi, work fine via 3G


      Slingbox HD, latest firmware.  Slingplayer client for iPad on my iPad 1 3G, Slingplayer client for iPhone on my iPhone 4.


      I can view Sling output without issue as long as I am either a) on the cellular network, or b) on a WiFi network other than my own.


      I suspect the problem might be related to my LAN setup.  My wired network (on which my Slingbox sits) is on a different subnet from that on which my WiFi network sits.  My router (really a very small Linux computer with multiple network ports) routes traffic from the wired network to the wireless, or vice versa, or from either to the Internet . Traffic flows fine between the network segments (e.g. I can ping my iPad and iPhone's WiFi IPs from my laptop, which is currently on the wired segment).


      My laptop's Slingplayer client works perfectly, so the Slingbox has no issue with the network topology.


      I have a feeling it's an issue with the iOS clients.


      Is anybody having a similar experience?


      I configure my players to have a separate "local" config using my Slingbox's LAN IP address and port.