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    Error attempting to upgrade firmware


      I'm trying to upgrade firmware to 2.1.64 for my HD Pro, to support iPad mobile.


      It gets to 51% thru and then 'Error upgrading Firmware';  shows the Retry button, but always the same thing.


      How do I get it upgraded?

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          Hi sorser, this troubleshooting may help you update your Slingbox firmware.


          Are you having trouble updating your Slingbox Software (firmware)?



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              I am also receiving this message whilst trying to setup my new Slingbox Solo, "Error while updating Firmware".


              I have tried all of the suggestions regarding local network connections, checking lights on the box, checking browser settings for local file path, turning off firewall etc during setup, resetting the Slingbox and still I get this error. The setup utililty shows it is connecting to my Slingbox via the LAN, displays its private and public IP addresses, and the last time connected. I have pinged the LAN IP address for the MAC address for my Slingbox, and comes back <1ms and no packets lost. I have tried the browser plugin with both Firefox 4 and IE 8, as well as the Slingplayer for Windows, and every time I still get the same error message. The network and power lights are steady all of the time.


              Any help or suggestions?

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                  But I am unsure what specifically allowed my Slingbox SOLO to finally accept the firmware update.


                  What I did was to disconnect the Slingbox from power and ethernet for a few days. Re-connected the power and ethernet, and set Norton Internet Security options to "Allow" the 3 Sling Media program files that appeared in Norton's list, and forwarded port 5001 to the Slingbox (read somewhere that this is a port that the Slingbox uses). However, I had temporarily disabled Norton's as well as forwarding port 5001 days ago during initial unsuccessful setup, so unsure if these were part of the fix or not.


                  Re-started the SlingPlayer setup (did not use the web browser plug-in) and straight away the firmware update was successful and my SlingPlayer connected to my Slingbox perfectly. Only other thing I changed was to install the custom Tivo remote controller I found on the forum due to a couple of small Tivo remote problems. The custom Tivo remote works perfectly.


                  Slingbox and SlingPlayer working perfectly now over local network, and iPad player working perfectly over local WiFi. Just haven't tested the internet connection yet.