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    Issue with Android and Roku having to be on same network


      I now understand that the reason that I'm not seeing the casting icon when using my phone to cast Slingplayer to my Roku is that both devices need to be on the same Wi-Fi network. For me, that presents a problem in how I want to use it.


      I have a Roku TV installed in my RV, and want to be able to use my phone to stream Slingplayer content to that TV when remote camping off the grid I despise campgrounds). The way that Slingplayer's Roku app is currently designed, that simply isn't possible. If I tether the Roku TV to my phone, they're not "both on the same WiFi network". The only way that I can think of to get around this is to spend $200 plus a monthly plan charge to add a MiFi device to my mobile plan, then use that MiFi as a router to connect both the phone and the TV to "the same WiFi network." I'm then paying $200 + $20/month to use the same data that I'm already paying my mobile carrier for.


      I can't be the only person facing this dilemma. Every other Roku app can access content by tethering the TV to my phone. Can't Slingplayer be updated to get around this limitation? Can anyone think of an alternative (i.e., cheaper) solution?


      Thanks in advance.