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    Slowdown on music channels


      I've seen this mentioned before, but it was a while ago so I wanted to see if there is any news on it.


      Whilst viewing any music channel, using either the web viewer, the desktop player or an iphone (not tried ipad), the audio slows down.  The video obviously slows down too, but it isn't noticable to the eye in the same way that the audio is to the ear.  The pitch remains the same, it's just stretched and sl-ow-er.


      The fix, as I read previously, is to press PAUSE on the player for a few seconds, then PLAY.  Sure enough, upon pressing PLAY the speed will increase over a period of 2 to 3 seconds until it is normal once again.


      I've tried multiple video bitrates, every audio bitrate, but to no avail.  Happens whether you're on LOCAL or INTERNET.


      Any proper fix for this?  It's really annoying.