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    Slingbox 500 Remote Control Failure


      Just bought a Slingbox 500 and had no issues setting it up.  When I watch on my iPhone 6s and/or iPad Air at home  on same Wi-Fi the remote control is available.  When I am remote and access over the internet, there is NO remote control option.  I have seen the prior blogs and have tried all suggested fixes but still same results.

      Hard Slingbox reset, delete program on iPhone, reboot re-install, verify settings on Slingbox configuration connected to set top box.  From Pole to Modem is coax, from modem to set top box is coax, from set top box to Slingbox is HDMI and RCA (used all possible connections as prescribed in instructions). Firmware all up to date.

      Still same results: remote control accessible on home WiFi but not remote to this environment.

      How do I get this corrected?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          OK, on the face of it your description makes no sense.  The virtual remote is stored in the Slingbox, so it does not matter what player you are using, or whether you are at home or away.


          So we need to delve deeper.   Just confirm that watching at home on your iPhone, you tap the Remote Control Icon and change the channels ?    Now, from a remote location and you tap the remote icon what happens when you try and change channels.