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    can't connect to SB from work


      If i'm able to stream Netflix  and youtube videos from work shouldn't I be able to connect to my SB from work also?  When I click watch it instantly gives me a w200 code.  When I teather to my Iphone it connects but not on the company network.

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Here is the reply that a Slingbox employee gave in November 2010 to another person experiencing W200 errors (sorry, the links to the support pages on the Slingbox website don't come through with this cut-and-paste, but perhaps you search for "Error Code W200" in the Support Forum search window to find the links.





          Re: Anyone ever get Error Code W200??


          Hi lmm and all,


          The error code W200 means;


          There's a problem communicating with your Slingbox. Make sure the Slingbox is on and ready for Internet Viewing. Also check network cables, and confirm your router is set up correctly.


          You can double check that information at this link;


          Understanding Watch on Slingbox.com error codes


          It seems to be an issue with the Internet Viewing setup at home, we recommend to check the settings at home and run the setup again. Have a look at

          the following links which shows some troubleshoot steps that can help you out,


          Internet Viewing - Manual setup


          Internet Viewing has stopped working and I am currently at home


          Let us know how it works.