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    Which version is still compatible with Pro?


      Warning:  Do not upgrade to 1.3 if you own a Pro/Classic/AV or Tuner!  You won't see this disclaimer unless you press the MORE button in the app description in the Android market!


      Does anybody know which version is still compatible with Slingbox Pro (not Pro HD)?  I purchased my copy back in middle of December 2010; the last upgrade in February still worked with SB Pro until a couple of weeks ago.  I thought the 1.3 upgrade was the reason my Slingplayer stopped working properly -- but now the upgrade has caused the Slingplayer to be completely unusable unless I buy a newer model of Slingbox.


      Unfortunately I did not backup the apk nor did I check to see the version of Slingplayer I had.  Is anybody else in the same situation?  Is there any way of rolling back the software?  My SB Pro is working perfectly fine, I don't think I should be forced to upgrade the hardware just because I want to sling when I'm on the road.


      Has anyone tried to contact Sling about this issue?  Seems like there's a lot of negative comments about not getting support unless we pay -- what if we just need a previous version of the software?