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    Slingbox ID Problem


      I am having problem connecting remotely to my Slingbox Tuner today (it worked fine previously).


      If I use SlingPlayer to connect to Slingbox Tuner through Slingbox ID, it will not connect.  If I specify the Internet domain name and the port number manually, it connects fine.  I checked the Slingbox ID in the Information tab after I connected manually, and the Slingbox ID matched.  Also the Information tab also showed the device is registered when connecting manually.


      However, I am trying to use SlingCatcher to watch it and as far as I know, I can only use Slingbox ID for the online Slingbox directory.  Is there a way to let SlingCatcher (or online Slingbox Directory) specify manual Internet domain name/IP address or is there some other way to solve this problem?



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          Hi lanfamily.


          Sometimes, when you attempt to connect to a Slingbox from a secure network using the Slingbox ID, it will not work. Since you are having difficulties with this connection, you can always try to add a Direct Connection on the Slingbox Directory and connect this way.


          Feel free to use the following link to retrieve the instructions on how to do it:


          Adding a Slingbox using a domain name/router IP address


          I hope it helps!



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              Thanks for the help.   Currently the SlingCatcher is working with Slingbox ID (from Slingbox Directory), but sometimes it just won't work even if I reboot the local and remote routers (which is not on a secure network).


              But as far as I know, I can't manually add Direct Connection for SlingCatcher.  I can do it with SlingPlayer, but the manually added Slingbox doesn't appear on the SlingCatcher.  Is there a way to force SlingCatcher to add Direct Connection Slingboxes?