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    Problems after removing viruses


      After I got rid of 2 nasty viruses with some professional help from Microsoft agents, I have severe audio/video stuttering on watch.slingbox.com and my SlingPlayer program. I can watch with no problem from my Android phone, which makes me pretty sure it's my system. I haven't yet tested it on another system, but I plan to this week.


      The agents who helped did so by taking over my system and running all sorts of programs. They also may have adjusted my video drivers. They did all this over an internet connection. Slingbox, youtube, some online games, and most streaming videos are very choppy. Even videos off my hard drive have this problem. The only thing I've found not to have this problem is Hulu, for some reason.


      Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? Any ideas as to how I can fix my video problems?


      Thanks for the help.