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    SlingPlayer Mobile and SlingBox compatibility


      Does anyone know why SlingPlayer Mobile works with a SlingBox PRO on Android and iPhone but not Windows Phone? Why is there a higher threshold for Windows Phone?

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          Hello Berls.


          Since we are talking about different platforms, the requirements for the SlingPlayer Mobile on those are going to be different. That depends on the features of each software.


          When we require the newer Slingboxes for a specific platform is because the older models might not be optimized and there's a chance that those will not work properly.


          Feel free to check the following articles in order to review the requirements:


          Requirements for SlingPlayer Mobile for Android


          Requirements for SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone


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              I still do not understand.  Is it b/c wp7 apps are all in silverlight or something?  My old HTC TP2 could easily run off of my slingbox tuner... Now I bought a Slingbox Solo BUT my nice plasma tv has no video outputs and I don't have the dvr in my room, so it's becoming very annoying to actually get this one working without a coax input...sad, very sad.  Any converters out there for this issue?  Only have TV from my coax cable, my tv has no outputs, and I can't use this at all anymore b/c this "newer" slingbox is inferior.  I don't care if it looks the best, just want to be able to at least use what I had (Slingbox Tuner), it worked so much better for my situation.  And no, I do NOT want to have to buy a Pro HD, b/c I have zero need for multiple clients online (too expensive for what I need it for)

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                This doesn't quite make sense. I realize I don't have the technical chops to know what's going on here, but I can send content from my Slingbox Pro to Blackberry, iPhone and Android, but not WinPhone7? My Focus has as fast or faster a processor and graphics chip as any of these, it works with Netflix and other streaming software. It runs on the same networks. I don't understand why of all these platforms, the only one that requires a Pro HD is the WinPhone7 client.