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    Initial setup with Slingbox 500  'No Iternet Connection Detected'


         The Slingbox 500 is connected to A/C power, HDMI in , component cable in. I have Xfinity Blast Package" internet with a DOCSIS 3.0

      Arris cable modem / wireless router. I have a 2nd Netgear dual band router for the 3rd floor where I want to sling my Xfinity service to a

      2nd house 45 min away.

         In 'Internet Settings', 'List Wi-Fi Networks', my local wi-fi is recognized with a strong signal.  It retrieves an IP,   Checking for internet access... ,

      'No Internet Connection Detected' -> 'Try Again' or 'Choose Another Network' to no avail. I'm very frustrated. Please help!


         One thread said to modify UPnP but that would leave a big security flaw in my home network.