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    Slingbox found but not playing in slingplayer


      I have has a Slingbox for years because I travel for my job and I enjoy watching baseball.  While I was away last week, I was forced to upgrade the Slingbox webplayer and now it connects to the Slingbox but I have no video.  While trying to troubleshoot it while on the road I thought it might be the firewall at the hotel but tried it again at home over the weekend with no joy. I have tried with both chrome and Firefox. I have also tried to uninstall then reinstall the software multiple times and again no joy. I am running Windows 10 with Symantec EndPoint Protection version 12.1.7061 but never had an issues with Endpoint in the past. I have another machine at the house with Windows 10, and Avast Virus protection and I have no issues with the slingplayer and slingbox so this points to my travel laptop.  Can someone offer me any kind of advice on how to troubleshoot this problem?