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    Problems connecting to Slingbox


      I have a slingbox solo and have been having major problems for about 6 months now. The problem is that every time that I turn on the slingbox, it will stream at a very low rate (150 - 300 kbps) and will work for a few minutes and then stop working completely. It will say error W201, W202 or W211. The main error is W202, which means you have too slow internet; which didn't make sense since it used to work. Anyway, I tried it at work, where I know I have fast internet and it worked for a little while ranging from 150 - 1500 kbps. But, it did the same thing again. I then tried it at home and it works for a few minutes at 1000 - 1500 kbps.

      This problem does not seem to make sense. Does anyone know how to fix it and has anyone had this problem?