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    Verizon FIOS Router - Local Network Issue


      I am having troube connect to my Slingbox SOLO while in the same local area network.  I believe it is an issue with my Verizon router (Actiontec MI424-WR Rev.E).  My router does not seem to be recongnizing my Singbox.  My Slinbox network light is on, but when I login to my routers config page, it does not list my Slingbox  under "My Nework" devices (see attached picture).  In other words, I don't think its assigning a local IP address to it.


      Also, some additional info, when SlingPlayer tries to connnect (when I first open the program) I get the following error message:

      • Error: 0x92370001
      • Context: 20
      • Operation:110


      And when I check my Slingbox properties (Slingbox Directory - Edit - Information Tab) the following error shows up when trying to generate the list of properties:


      Slingbox is being disconnected.

      (Context: 20, Operation: 105, Error: 0x92371002)



      Please advice.  I'm thinking of contact the Verizon Support staff, but I'd like to make sure I've exhausted all Slingbox related issures first.  Thanks in advance.

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          Its been a few days now and no feedback yet.


          Well, I think I've isolated the problem to an issue with my Slingbox.  Instead of waiting for my Verizon router to dynamically assign an IP address, I've taken the liberty of assigning a Static IP address to my Slingbox (as well as for some other normally connected devices).  I double checked the MAC addresses used when I assigned the respective IPs, and everything worked fine as you can see in the attached file.  However, the Slingbox is not connecting even though the Network light on my Slingbox is lit up.  I tried the built-in router diagnostic and pinged the address a couple times with no response (see attached picture).


          Anyone know what triggers the Network light ON?  For what ever reason, I have no connection from the routers standpoint, but my Slingbox seems to think its connected (according to the little red network light).


          Has my Slingbox SOLO crapped out?  I've had it almost 4 years now.


          PLEASE ADVISE.

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              Hi, ace1392


              Since you seem to have some issues trying to get the Slingbox SOLO up and running with this Action Tec router, we recommend you to follow some simple steps.


              If the Slingbox used to work fine with this router, we recommend you to assign a static IP address to your Slingbox. Once you finish this process, reset the Slingbox SOLO for 30 seconds and verify if the Slingbox is able to get the connection to your router.


              If the Slingbox has never been able to establish this connection, we encourage you to use a different router in order to test it out.