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    bridge for router?


      Do I need to buy a bridge for my Ethernet since my router is not in the same room as my cable box?

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          try using slingbox turbo

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              I have just bought the slingbox solo and was never told that I could not coneect to my wireless network.

              My netgear router is in another room and therefore the ethernet cable is not the answer how else can i do this and at what cost

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                  Hi, ervin68 and all


                  If the Slingbox and the home router are located in different rooms, you will need to use either a wireless bridge or the SlingLinks.


                  If you get a wireless bridge, you will hook it up on the back of the Slingbox. This way, the Slingbox will work with wireless signal sent by the wireless router.


                  On the other hand, the SlingLinks will allow you to get the connection through the home power lines. The following links will provide you with all the information about the SlingLinks.


                  SlingLink TURBO


                  How it Works


                  If you decide to get the Sling Links, just make sure that both rooms go into the same electrical circuit. Otherwise, the SlingLinks will not work for you.