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    Can't get Slingbox stream at 2nd home, but everywhere else!


      I am able to use SlingPlayer for MAC to connect to my Slingbox in several locations, but not at my second home, which is the primary place I bought the slingbox to use for!


      When I'm at the second home I can connect open the SlingPlayer, connect to the Slingbox which has been configured and tested for remote viewing by Slingbox staff themselves while sharing a screen on a tech support  phone call.   I can connect any other place I've tried, but not at home.


      I have contacted Verizon who provides my internet service with an Actiontec modem/router, and they can only point me toward how to forward ports.  As far as I know, no ports need to be forwarded on the RECEIVING end.  The sending end router and its Slingbox attached were configured to route to port 443 instead of port 5001 at tech support's hand, thinking it would resolve the issue, but it hasn't.


      When I connect using the Slingplayer at the second home, it connects, says starting, streaming, then hangs at optimizing, with a speed of 0Kbps.


      Slingbox says its Verizon, Verizon says everything's working fine, which it is except for Slingbox!


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          I got back on the phone with Slingbox tonight and got Efrain.  I explained the problem to him in detail and he had to make some changes on the Slingbox network end of things (not my computer or router or anything at home) and everything worked fine!  Something about how Slingbox sends packets over the network that isn't compatible with my router.  Everything works great now, thank you, Efrain!