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    playstation 3




      I know this topics has been probably open and reopen lots, but it would nice to have a player on playstation 3. As a matter of fact i don't see why it should not be since all the i something and mobile something are already supported...




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          So much for "It Does Everything"...A slingbox app would be killer on PS3.  Got it on my computer, got it on my phone...PS3? Nope.  Get with it Sony!  Be first with something! Sling needs to get on board!  No new new since 2010?  WTF?

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              I, too, would LOVE to see slingplayer on my ps3. It's kind of sad that the message from the VP saying Sling needs a playstation 3 app already was in 2010. It's almost 2012 and still not sling love on my ps3.


              PLEASE, please, please!!!! Slingplayer on my playstation3 MEDIA entertainment device.


              Just map my main buttons in three modes like on the android device, then switching controls would be EASY!


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