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    Internet Sharing From iMac To SlingBox PRo HD




      I cant get slingplayer to connect through my shared internet connection on my mac.


      I can connect fine when connected directly to my router but it dosnt extend to the bedroom... I normally use the macs internet sharing when in the bedroom and for everything else this works fine.


      Is there any way to get slingplayer to work through sharing on the mac?





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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          When you connect your Slingbox directly to your router, during the setup phase, the wide area network IP address of your router (obtained from your modem) and the local area network IP address for the Slingbox (assigned by the router) are sent to Slingbox headquarters, so that, in the future, the slingbox playing software (like Slingplayer or the Slingbox add-on in web browers) knows where in Internet Land to find your Slingbox.


          What I'm not sure of in your instance, since I don't use Internet sharing myself with any computers on my own network, is how your Slingbox gets assigned an IP address when you plug its Ethernet cable into your Mac (instead of into your router), and how/if this "new" local IP address gets transmitted to Slingbox headquarters so they now know the NEW address for your Slingbox.   Because if the Slingbox headquarters doesn't learn this new address, your Slingbox will not work over the Internet until the new address IS made known to the Slingbox HQ.


          So, as a starter, I would suggest that you read up -- or find a Mac geek friend who has -- on how the IP addresses are assigned when you plug a device into a Mac for internet sharing, and what ports must be opened in the internet sharing configuration to get the information coming from Slingbox HQ through your router AND through the Mac to the intended recipient -- your Slingbox.