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    Is the said 3G issue resolved yet?




      All of a sudden I am experiencing the same problem as a lot of people, it seems -- can connect perfectly via WiFi, but not at all on 3G.  I ran the setup assistant several times, and every instance the results came back saying my Slingbox Pro is set up correctly for internet viewing.  And that is true both at home and remote if I am connecting from a PC.  However, with the Android SlingPlayer Mobile I can only sling via WiFi.  Using 3G I would get stuck in the "Starting..." stage, and almost always the player would freeze and I would have to Force Close.


      Last night I noticed there was an upgrade to v. 1.3 for the SP Mobile Android in the market  -- but it still couldn't connect using 3G (Droid X, Verizon).  I haven't changed my home network settings either,


      Please Help!  Thanks in advance!