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    Works Great Over 3G - WiFi Extremely Slow...?

    jmpozzo Newbie

      This is an odd one...


      I have a SlingBox Pro-HD hooked up to an AT&T U-Verse Gateway at a different house.  Ports are forwarded properly.


      At my current location, I have an Apple Time Capsule as my router.  I am able to connect at full-speed using:

      - SlingCatcher

      - Mac

      - PC

      - iPhone using 3G Signal


      But when I attempt to connect on my iPhone using WiFi through my Time Capsule, it is extremely slow to connect & start, and once it does, it buffers every 3 seconds.  The signal meter is showing 3 Green Dots at a speed of only 100kb/s.  For comparison, using 3G it shows a speed of over 800kb/s.


      I have forwarded the same ports in my Time Capsule (TCP&UDP 5001) as I have in the U-Verse Gateway where the SlingBox is.


      ... Any ideas?

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          I am not a Mac person, but I looked for mention of issues with slow WiFi speeds with a Time Capsulee on the Apple forums at http://discussions.apple.com


          Two things were mentioned rather frequently there:


          (1)  assure that you have your wifi on the TC set to a broadcast channel as far away from strong interferring channels in your neighborhod.  The respondees suggest using the software at http://istumbler.net/  to search for other wifi signals in your neighborhood that could be interferring.


          (2) assure that you have both the 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ bands (they call it "dual N bands"?) turned on on the Time Capsule.   Noting, however, that the iPhone will only be able to connect through the 2.4 GHZ band.


          Hope this means something to you -- again, I am not a Mac person.