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    SlingCatcher & Apple Time Capsule

    jmpozzo Newbie

      Hello! :-)


      I am attempting to connect to my media folder on my Time Capsule's HDD.  Through copying the network address in Windows I was able to figure out the address is:


      \\THE-TIME-CAPSUL\The Storage Capsule


      I am currently getting an "Invalid Username / Password" error despite the fact both are verified correct.  I thought perhaps I might have to add the "Computer Name" associated with the SlingCatcher to the Username, but there doesn't appear to be any such name.  Any help would be appreciated.



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          jmpozzo Newbie



          I managed to connect to my Time Capsule, but only as a Guest after I turned on Guest Access:


          SMB Address:  \\THE-TIME-CAPSUL\The Storage Capsule

          Username: guest



          Once in, it ran a scan for media on the drive.  It began finding stuff but at 20% it paused then finished abruptly.  After attempting to access the drive in My Media, it's blocked out saying there is no write access.  Read/Write access was enabled however.


          When I accessed my Time Capsule from my computer, it showed a new file named temp in the main directory.  Once I deleted this file, I was able to run a rescan in the SlingCatcher, but only with the same results.


          Not sure what's going on here:

          - Why I can't connect using the credentials I use to connect every other computer.

          - Why the file scan pauses then quits part way through.


          ... Anyone? :-)