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    Error installing SlingProjector in Windows 7 (Installer 1618 error)


      Have seen in this forum that the SlingProjector will work in Windows 7.  I can't get it installed.

      I get an error message from Windows:

      "Error 1618 -- Another installation is already in progress.  Complete that installation before proceeding with this installation."

      Have followed registry check instructions from Windows to find possible other installer running and stop it.  Have used 2 different registry cleaning programs.  Have tried other "fixes" to get rid of this message.  Nothing has worked so far. 

      With another program which does not officially run in Windows 7, the program gave instructions on how to put the program in a specific location so that Windows 7 would find it -- it works fine.  Have tried the same technique for slingprojector to no avail.

      I am out of ideas.  Can anyone help me?