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    Solo is slow on network


      Hey all-


      Here's my setup:



      LAPTOP -------wireless----------Router ----------powerline adapters--------Slingbox Solo    (with latest firmware)


      In the above configuration, my Solo is streaming to the laptop at 300k or less; sometimes MUCH less.


      When I connect the Solo via Ethernet to the router, speeds increases to 1.5Mb or more. Seems to indicate that the powerline is the problem, right?


      But when I put my laptop in the Solo's place (powerline to the router) and do an internet speed test, it comes in at 1.5Mb or faster. So, the powerline CAN handle speeds in excess of a megabit.


      The wireless can't be the problem because when running a speed test from my laptop, again, it's well over a megabit.


      I'm using a rather high-end Cradlepoint MBR1000. I've looked in there for anything which might seem to slow the system, but again, everything is above 1.5Mb *except* for the way I have it configured, above.


      So, if I can get over a megabit when my laptop is connected via powerline (and wirelessly), why can't I get nearly that fast when my Solo is connected the same way?