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    Slingbox Solo unable to connect - getting very frustrated


      Same exact problem.... At first my slingbox colors when watching on my cpu or phone were all jacked up. Then it just stopped working completely.  I have tried everything and It just wont connetc to the sling.


      One more thing....how do you start a "thread" on this forum.  I have looked all over and cant even figure that out.  Im gonna be in trouble. haha

        • Slingbox Solo unable to connect - getting very frustrated

          Hi, raidergabe


          There are many possible reasons for the Slingbox to stop working. With this in mind, we recommend you to provide as many details as possible in order to provide you with an accurate answer.


          Regarding how to start a thread, you only need to go to the forums, select the community about your Sling Media product on the main page and then, just select the sub-community that includes your Slingbox issues. Finally, select the "Start a discussion" link right under "Actions" on the right-hand side panel.