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    New slingbox solo, works great on wifi but not over internet on iphone 4




      I setup a slingbox solo today, which works great on my pc's & mac's in the house so I purchased the iphone(4) sling mobile app and it works fine over the local wifi.


      So, I turned off wifi on my iphone 4 and then cannot connect.


      I ran through the sling setup web utility and it passed all the tests and said I was fine but the mobile app would not connect?


      I setup port forwading to 5001 (netgear WNDR3700 router) and have a fixed IP address, fibre connection, 60mbit upload, but still the mobile app wont connect?


      I have a NAS drive that allows external connections via port forwarding, run a web server etc, so connections can get in here.


      I'm at a loss what to try next?  perhaps my ISP blocks 5001? is there another port?


      Some help would be appreciated.



      Many thanks,