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    Slingplayer crashes - latest version


      Hi, I am trying to run the Setup Assistant in Slingplayer for Windows, main section I want to run is called "Setup Internet Viewing",


      When I select this option next screen opens, I make sure that "I don't want to allow internet viewing... " is not ticked and I click Next


      Then a screen comes along saying "connecting to your router",


      then it crashes


      every time, repeatable


      Other pages of the Set up Assistant run OK, the Slingplayer crashes only when trying to go the the router setup screen (I am not getting connection from out of the home)


      I have upgraded Slingplayer to latest version, 2.04522, I have upgrade the Slingbox Pro to latest version (1.40 I think), but it still happens

      I have two computers on the network (LAN) at home running Slingplyaer, one is running Win XP and one is running Vista, both do the same.


      Any ideas?

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          Hi Guygamps,


          This is very odd since you only have this issue when you select the Internet Viewing setup. I'd like to know if the Slingbox is hardwired to the router using a Ethernet cable no longer than 7ft. If you are using a wireless or a power bridge, it will be necessary to connect the unit directly to the router just for the setup and then take it back to the other room. If the Slingbox is hardwired to the router you will need to Reset the Slingbox and confirm if you have the same situation running the Setup at Slingbox.com.


          Hope this helps



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            I had the EXACT same problem!!!!


            I had to use the Active X Web setup at slingbox.com front page (setup) to get past the "connecting to router" crash problem that I was experiencing with the Windows Slingplayer program.