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    please help.. internet not finding Solo


      Hello there.  ill try to explain this as best as possible.  I feel like im really close, but just dont know enough to get it back working.


      I hooked up and used the solo for probably 6 months with no problems.  Then all of a sudden it stopped working.  No changes, NADA.  What the **** happened?  Ive been up and down the forum. Read all the FAQ's, but just cant seem to get it to work.  I Unplugged the power, factory reset etc....


      BOTH lights on the far right are solid red.  The slingbox light is NOT lit up.  Basically I can NOT get my internet to find the slingbox.  I know how to access my router etc....but dont know where to go from there.  I think there is a number off somewhere, but dont know enough.  Can someone please help?  I have also tried killing my firewall, and that didnt work either.  Any ideas?





      obviously im a tech DUMMY, so please dont carve me a new a-hole