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    Please Help! - Slingbox stopped working- gives error message


      I have had my Slingbox Solo for a bout a year now connected to my home network (to be exact the slingbox is connected to a switch which is connected to an Actiontec router for Verizon FIOS )


      I has worked fine and I even havbe Slingbox Mobnile (Android) too.




      Sometimes I have noticed that eventhough my Android could view the slingbox just fine, certain desktop computers would not be able to connect.


      Today I tried rebooting  my router and then the slingbox and now it won't allow any internet viewing.


      When I go into setup it detects the slingbox, howeer it stops at the next step saying that it is not setup for the internet.


      Both lights on the Slingbox are nice and bright red.


      What can I do?


      forgot tomention, noweven the android doesn't connect - itsays "cannot locate slingbox. Please make sure that you entered the correct slingbox ID and that your Slingbox can connect to the internet"





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          Having the same problem with a slingbox AV. Nothing will work now and has worked fine for quite awhile. Are others experiencing this as well?

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            Hi, cgott42


            I understand that you are having some issues in order to get the connection to your Slingbox PRO ever since you rebooted the router.
            Every time you reset or reboot your router, the Slingbox will pick up a different IP address. This means that you will need to adjust the router settings one more time in order to enable the Internet Viewing feature on your Slingbox.


            In this case, you will need to run the Setup Assistant for Internet Viewing in order to enable the remote connections, even from your Mobile device. Finally, we recommend you to run the Manual Setup in order to get your Slingbox up and running.

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              Same for me, I get this error message:


              Connections to your Slingbox from the Internet have been disabled. Do you want to retry?

              My internet at my house is working fine.  I was watching the sling box as normal 24 hours ago.  I am in the beautiful Republic of Kazakhstan, my sling box in in the great state of Texas.  So it is not like I can walk to the next room and experiment with it.
              Does anyone have any idea what is causing this problem?   The sling box has been working perfectly fine for the last 6 or 8 months.  It just started giving me this error today.  What can I do????
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                I am very interested to see the answer to this.  My Slingbox worked fine and then nothing.  I can only watch slingbox if I'm plugged into the same router with my computer.  (Which defeats the entire purpose).  I've done manual config and still nothing.  UGH!

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                  HI THERE!

                  Yes I had/ and have the same problem! it was around May 12th or so was the last time I was able to view my slingboxes. I have one in canada and one in california and they were working perfectly and i double checked them becuase i was going on vacation overseas. then they both stopped at the same time. So the theory that it is my internet connection at my home networks makes no sense at all since these 2 slingbox hds are in different countries. i am a vetaran slingbox user of at least 8 years so i am wondering if there is a system wide failure that anyone has herd of and what to do to get them back. i am currently overseas so i cant fix them and none of my friends are good enough with sling to help.

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                    I have the same exact problem with a Slingbox Pro (SBP) that worked just fine for years, until recently.


                    It first lost use of the virtual remote control about the 12th of May, and then things quickly got much worse (after rebooting), and my SB is now useless.


                    Apparently, this is a widespread problem if you use XP.


                    I've had four very long phone sessions over the last 2 weeks with the Slingbox Techs trying to solve this, and efforts even included getting a replacement SBP, all to no avail.


                    Yesterday's effort alone was 5 hours long [with a 30 year experienced IT communications specialist here at the home location working this problem]; and that included a 1.4 hour phone conversation with a S/B tech.  No solution.


                    BTW: The SB guys were all very professional and cooperative, kudos to them; especially since my SBP is long out of warranty. But they can't immediately fix it.


                    The latest theory is that it's a result of a recent Slingbox software "upgrade"  that isn't compatible with XP!!! 


                    If so, then don't beat yourself up trying to repair it, chances are the only people who can really fix this are the SB software engineers in a subsequent upgrade.


                    We're running several test computer here, but all are with Windows XP, service pack 3, and the SB techs only suggestion at this point is to get  another computer which does not use XP (i.e., uses Apple, Win Vista or Win 7), and try re-configuring the S/B with this. It may work. Or not.


                    If you can, try it and post your results.  This week, we here will try to build a laptop with a Linux OS & VM ware and try to reconfigure the SBP.


                    Theory is that if this works, your reconfigured SBP would then continue to work until it needed reconfiguration, but that would have to be done again with a non-XP based computer.


                    My suggestion is to (politely) contact the SB folks and let them know of your situation, as the more customers that report, the more software engineers they will devote to a permanent solution.


                    Also, leave your SBP plugged in in anticipation of another revision.


                    Good luck, sorry the news isn't better.

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                        I have a Mac, and Windows 7....still doesn't work ;(.

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                            Thanks for that input, it saves us valuable time here since we now don't have to build a computer to test out a non-Win XP machine.


                            To recap, when I try to log onto my Slingbox Pro, I get a message that it's not configured, and would I like to do that now? ...


                            When attempting to configure, I get another message window that "a script error has occurred in Internet Explorer " (that's not my browser, not even an open browser, but apparently SB uses it in their setup).


                            Continuing, I get another window that says they're "Updating the sling service" and to retry later.  That circular path never ends.


                            Does anyone get the same path?


                            It really sounds like the SB folks need to straighten out a recent software upgrade problem, there's apparently nothing we can do as a consumer, other than to phone them and complain that a recent update has shut down our boxes.


                            Call 877/467-5464,  selections 1,1,1,2,  and politely ask them to straighten out their software.  If they're not aware of it, it won't get fixed.

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                            thanks - I just brought a Win 7 (Win 7 Pro 64 to be exact) to the house, and it setup without problem.

                            Since the Slingbox doesn't attach to any PC (rather to the router) I didn't need to leave the Win 7 PC there after it was set up.


                            Hope that helps.