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    Slingbox and the Home Hub 3


      I've recently had a BT Home Hub 3 installed. Initially I had problems with the router not seeing my slingbox but that was all down to the new router defaulting to a different subnet. Now that they're all on the same subnet the router can see the slingbox but for some reason it keeps disappearing off the list of connected devices. I can connect to it internally but external access is affected. The only way I can get the slingbox to re-appear in the HH3 is to go through the slingbox set assistant again. Any idea why the slingbox keeps disappearing?

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          Hi, cirsling


          Since you are having some issues in order to keep a steady connection between the Slingbox and the BT Home Hub 3 router, we recommend you a couple of tips.


          First, connect the Slingbox directly to the main router and test the Slingbox-network connections. If it works fine, the Slingbox must show a solid network light.


          Secondly, connect the Slingbox on a different network. This test will allow you to know if the issue is about the Slingbox or any security software running on your LAN (local area network).


          If the issue persists, we finally recommend you to check the BT Home Hub 3 router settings.