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    Slingbox Pro HD will not stream in HD (Lan and Internet)


      I have my Slingbox Pro HD connected to my to the local variant of the Humax HDPVR-1000c (Wbox HD), everything works nice and fine, except I cannot get it to stream HD, the Desktop APP says that its streaming in VGA. The Alt+shift+I menu confirms this and it shows 640x480. The channel that the PVR is on is HD and the video is considerably sharper, but it just wont go above 640x480. I have the HDMI from the PVR connected straightly to the tv and the PVR is connected via Component. The HDMI shows the HD-video on the tv-screen vithout issue. I have also checked that the signal that the PVR sends to the Slingbox via Component is Indeed 1080i.


      How can I force the box to stream HD?

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          Anyone? Any ideas?

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              bastian74 Newbie

              What happens if you manually select HD quality in the bottom right (instead of auto)


              Also, ensure your computer can ping the ip address of the slingbox.  I assume you have a simple home network, but if the slingbox is on another subnet or firewalled off the app will have to go through the internet and back again.

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                  The computer can connect directly to the box 192.168.0.x / network. Ping times on the localnetwork are under 1ms. I have set the IP manually on the Slingbox so I could configure the portforwarding for the internet viewing.


                  Manually setting the resolution to HD in the PC-client software does not do anything, it still says VGA.


                  I also tried to enable multicast streams on my router, which also did not help.

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                I was about to write a reply saying I have exactly the same problem, as I did have.


                I had tried everything, making sure that the HD source (my Blu Ray player with a component output) was outputting HD - I tried both 720p and 1080i - and it was, or at least it was telling me it was, and the desktop SlingPlayer was still only reporting VGA in the bottom left, and 640x480 when pressing Ctrl+Alt+i.


                So I thought it was for sure an issue with my Slingbox Pro HD, as I had even made sure that the Blu Ray player was only playing through the Component cables as I had heard that some players downgrade the resolution (or even turn off one) if trying to play the output simulaneously through HDMI and Component. Still no dice.


                As a last throw I physically unplugged the HDMI cable to the TV (even though the TV wasn't on when streaming via Component to my Slingbox) and then low and behold suddenly I started receiving HD quality on my Slingbox! My Blu Ray player had surreptitiously been downscaling to VGA quality my Component output if it detected an HDMI cable was connected - even if the HDMI output in use! It can tell if it is sending something over HDMI because it has to handshake, so the fact that if an HDMI cable is connected to the back of it but not being used means it downgrades it is really poor.


                Anyway I'm posting this just in case others find that they have tried *everything* and they still don't get HD, well make sure you try *everything*, including unplugging every output from the source other than the component because otherwise the source may downscale the output even if the HDMI or other outputs aren't in use.

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                  I was having the same problem with my Uverse cable box. I was getting HD when my 52" HDTV was on, but somehow when I started from scratch and the TV was off it went VGA. It took me sometime to figure out this was happening.


                  Luckily, I figured out the output was moving to VGA mode somehow. I went to setup the aspect ratio for the cable DVR box and saw it was 4:3, changed it to 1080i and now it streams HD through the pBR. Much better. I tested it over the internet instead of my LAN. Works great.


                  My suggestion take a look at the output aspect of your system either your TV, or Cable box or your Home theater and you possibly will find it 4:3, change it to 1080i if available. If not the only option would be to get a HDMI splitter with a output pBR.


                  Pro HD works.


                  Hope this helps.

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                    I found the solution for this at last, its a bug in the software that causes this, but you can circumvent it.


                    Here is the guide:


                    1. power on the box

                    2. switch the RGB / YPbPr-switch in the back of the box to the RGB setting

                    3. Go to the av-settings and se the Scart setting to RGB

                    4. Now switch the switch back to YPbPr

                    5. set the resolution to what you want: auto, 720p, i1080p etc via the v-format button

                    6. Done it will now send video as HD from the component


                    when you reboot the box the Scart setting will be reset, but it does not matter, the box will still work with HD component enabled.


                    Hope this helps someone else too.